Sound diversity, rich compositional creativity, virtuosity on the instrument, as soloists as well as in interaction and with a maximum of emotion: that's how the duo Elin-Sakas got the best out of their enthusiastic k1 audience. In their musical interaction, they manage to create something excitingly new and unconventional: something that could be called a type of virtuoso chamber jazz. Thus, the two met exactly the taste of the k1 guests, who celebrated the special concert at the end with frenetic applause.

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Right from the first track of the CD, "En Route",Elin elates the listener with his flexible transition from bass clarinet to soprano sax. In unison with the pianist he introduces the theme and captivates the listener with improvisations in which the excitement and anticipation before a journey can be sensed. “Un pas jusqu’au seuil”, is a further highlight in the art of duo playing, in which each artist in turn opens the festive sounding piece with a solo, until they join together playing the ballad-like theme. The melodic richness which the musicians create in their improvisations never sounds calculated, but takes place as naturally as breathing. With the delicate sound impressions of "The Scent of Light" Christian Elin and Maruan Sakas bring their gorgeous recording "Some Kind of Blues" to an end.

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Maruan Sakas and Christian Elin did not choose classical composers for their debut repertoire. But both come from this environment when it comes to their training. However, their versatility has always been remarkable. In this duo they now combine piano and bass clarinet or soprano saxophone. The result on "Some kind of blue" is a kind of vituos chamber jazz, without attitudes and without known sound templates. Her instruments interlock with fragmentary sketches. It is a subtle network of interactions that the players design, a differentiated dialogue, with sufficient distance and astonishing closeness. There is friction and there is tension. This not only creates harmonious paths but also angular interjections that add spice and clarity to the music. A discovery!


The duo's conversations are universal, and their arguments open musical spectra that explore all levels between emotional intensity and compositional rationality in improvisational eloquence. This is not always jazz, but also classical and pop, but it is always well thought out. Elin and Sakas are equal in style.

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The instrumental parts found a touching and at the same time challenging language. It was like the sensitive courting of the other person. Differentiated ballads that filled the room like improvised chamber music. But there were also grooving moments that gave the music wings, so that it began to shine intensely. Of course, classical music is the inspiration and references to Chopin and Stravinsky can be discerned. It was the magic of touching moods and the soul-opening sound landscapes.

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Dream away, listening, perfecting wisdom.


This really risky integration of very different styles and compositional techniques succeeded, primarily through the structural quality of the compositions, a first class and well attuned duo playing brilliantly in striking harmony, giving their own introductions and fascinating artistically...

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