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Tasks completed in pairs give twice the amount of pleasure – a sentence that has validity for many areas of life. There is intimacy and familiarity and what is more pleasing than to travel away together? For example to France, the mother country of the saxophone? In their new ­programme, „Westwind“ Christian Elin und Maruan Sakas map out the special connecting lines between the aesthetic sounding music of their French neighbours and their own compositions.

With their extraordinary combination of instruments the two musicians create a musical panorama for which you have to climb to a very high vantage point.

Whereas the first part offers works of Bach, Schumann and Poulenc, the original compositions of the second half contain elements of jazz, world music and film scores. But what seems so different at first glance actually belongs together: Firstly there is the music of Johann ­Sebastian Bach, who was one of the greatest improvisers. In addition, Robert Schumann, who influenced many French composers of the late 19th century including not least of all Francis Poulenc, whose ­harmonious sound language in turn refers to jazz. The original compositions by the duo contain a high level of written-out parts with complex structures, as known from classical music and which are dispersed again and again by improvisational flights of fancy.

Another bridge between the two halves of the concert are the French titles of the original pieces, which were often com­posed in France, such as „Le vent de L’ouest“ the title piece of the programme. Music for dreams, which like a ­gentle breeze, expresses Christian Elins’s longing for his French second home. It’s probably not promising too much if one said that the ­classics of tomorrow are being created right here. New music of the 21st century, of which no-one need be afraid. Music which takes the listener by the hand without ­relinquishing ­sophistication and free spirit.

In their music the two exceptional artists blend the clarity of classical form with the freedom of improvisation. Westwind – This is highly ­intelligent music, thrilling, virtuosic and entertaining all at the same time.


First half of the program (among others)

Johann Sebastian Bach, Flötensonate BWV 1031
Robert Schumann, Adagio und Allegro
Claude Debussy, Rapsodie
Francis Poulenc, Sonate für Oboe
Frederic Chopin, Sonate für Violoncello und Klavier

Second half of the program  (among others)

Christian Elin, Le vent de l’ouest
Christian Elin, En route
Christian Elin, Un pas jusqu’au seuil
Maruan Sakas, Juste pour le plaisir

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some kind of blues

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The title „Some Kind of Blues“ is an intentional allusion to Miles Davis´ jazz milestone „Kind of Blue“. In this programme Christian Elin and Maruan Sakas open up a musical horizon which, taking blues as its departure point, moves from Bach to Strawinsky and into the present linking several elements that come as a surprise. Highly intelligent music which is both gripping, virtuous and entertaining all at the same time.

Wonderfully wafting saxophone sounds blend with arabesque piano figures that vary between staccato to softly rhythmic structures, dipping for a brief moment into a swirling pool of cacophony before drying off finally in a sultry jazz-club atmosphere. The escapades of both musicians create the impression of a cornu copia of rhythms interchanging with a wide range of melodies. And the listener is left wondering in amazement where the two musicians have sought their inspiration. The epic „Un pas jusqu´au seuil“ for example starts off like some of the ballads of the melancholic Mediterranean, Paolo Conte, offering a first glimpse of blues. And more are to follow.

„Some Kind of Blues“ can rightly be described as a kind of modern chamber jazz but in fact the classical background both musicians have plays just as important a role as the numerous diversions, even as far as pop, which the wide panorama that is consistently characterised by a multifarious wealth of melodies opens up. And because the duo grants their pieces so much white space so generously, listeners with a bit of imagination can dream up their own film scripts that this music could accompany so well.

Elin and Sakas unanimously agree that their music covers a „wide spectrum“. A good example of this is the composition `Juste pour le plaisir´, the only title in the programme that is the result of a compositional `co-production´: The music starts off with a pretty `pop-like´ series of chords which gradually takes on increasingly complex forms until one suddenly recognises Chopin. And before the listeners are allowed to wallow too long in their romantically harmonious comfort-zone, the piece finally metamorphoses into a lively `jam´in a 6/8 rhythm. Kaleidoscopic descriptions of this nature would be fitting for literally each of the pieces in the „Some Kind of Blues“ programme. A truly rare stroke of luck.

First half of the program (among others)

Christian Elin, En route
Christian Elin, Un pas jusqu’au seuil
Maruan Sakas, 1-2-5
Maruan Sakas, Some kind of Blues
Maruan Sakas, Juste pour le plaisir

Second half of the program (among others)

Christian Elin, Le vent de l'ouest
Maruan Sakas, Stück für Stück
Christian Elin, A better job
Christian Elin, Stella Cadente
Christian Elin, The scent of light

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